Charity for our community

On Sat May 30th, 2015 the Hoang Lam Board of Directors and HR department organized a special entertainment event for orphaned children in Bodhi Bagoda. With the message: “HOANG LAM – CHARITY FOR OUR COMMUNITY“, we have collected both internal donations from our departments and outside sources to give the children a fun and meaningful day.

In this charity program, Hoang Lam gave the orphans such items as paint, rice, sugar, milk, candy, diapers, and other useful and engaging items. In addition, the company also organized games and activities like dancing, balloons, coloring games, and others.

Besides the supporting policy for children of employees at the company, this charity program demonstrates the care of  Hoang Lam to the orphaned children and community, to give back to the community and support those in need on International Children’s Day.

We thank everyone that was involved and supported the event, and we look forward to doing another similar event again!