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Processing equipment and lines take your product from start to finish with integrated systems to maximize efficiency and output.


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Processing equipment for high quality production year after year

Hoang Lam specializes in fabricating processing equipment for some of the biggest companies on the planet. These partnerships ensure that your next line will last for years to come, and enables your company to make the most of it’s investment. We are proud to say that we have been part of building some exciting equipment over the years, and that experience is something you can see in real applications.

In addition, we are also very skilled with certain types of lines that give us an edge over the competition. Specifically, we have solid experience working with tea extraction, chemical mixing, and CIP systems. These types of projects translate into real understanding and carry over to other types of products as well as separate us in terms of both ability and experience.

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Tea Extraction

Delivering quality products is in our nature and its no surprise that Hoang Lam handles RTD beverage production processing equipment to the same level of excellence. Our experience building and optimizing tea extraction systems enables us to help you create the perfect system for your needs and can be totally customized to allow for low or high volume applications. Our systems handle everything in the line starting with the brewing and disposal of spent leaves, through to dissolving, filtering, storing, blending, piping, UHT, and filling systems.

The only thing left for you to do is put the finished product into the market.

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Liquid Detergent Line

Included in chemical processing we also have specific experience in liquid detergent production lines. Hoang Lam is capable of completing full lines and all the equipment for the system up until the packaging of the product. Utilizing high efficiency emulsifying equipment, strong and reliable performance, and quality product production for any size facility we are able to match your needs with the correct system specifications. These systems include water processing, slurry mixing, homogenizing, filtering, pumps, control systems, and are turnkey solutions for a number of applications based on your project requirements.

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Chemical Mixing

Chemical mixing is no small task, and is how many of the products we use today in our everyday lives are created. Hoang Lam is an experienced partner in working with both industrial and FMCG applications for this type of processing equipment and is able to build high quality, energy efficient, high yield, and consistent liquid chemical mixing systems. We have experience working with every step of the process and can design a system that can prepare even the most complicated products.

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CIP Systems

Clean in place systems make your life easier so that you can produce better products and more of them by maximizing cleanliness and working time of a system. Our systems can be fully integrated into any design, or can be custom built skid solutions that are plug and play ready. We handle everything from single tank to multi circuit lines, and can produce CIP systems that can handle any volume of flow including both single pass and recirculation. Most importantly, Hoang Lam CIP systems can be custom designed and optimized for every application to ensure the best cleaning performance on every cycle is achieved, leaving you with an energy efficient system and well maintained equipment for years to come.

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