Single Wall Stainless Steel Tanks

Single wall stainless steel tanks fill the needs of many applications to ensure product quality is controlled to the optimal levels for production needs.


Mixing & Blending Tanks

Beer and Wine Tanks

Juice Tanks

Storage Tanks

CIP Station & Skids

Integrated Systems


Single wall stainless steel tanks made with the best materials and craftsmanship

Hoang Lam single wall stainless steel tanks fill a wide variety of uses including storage, mixing, blending, CIP, Silo, and many others. Using only high quality materials which are traceable we also offer a number of options for tanks based on your needs including agitators, nozzles, manholes, and everything in between. Plus they come complete with certifications per customer requirements as we are able to manufacture and fabricate vessels of nearly any size, for nearly every application.

As such, we utilize only quality production techniques by having highly trained and certified staff working with precision tools and machinery. This ensures that your equipment is made to European standards following ASTM testing methods or following ASME codes. Furthermore, we are able to meet your needs on demand by having a strong stock in house of both tanks made from  SUS304, 304L, 316, and 316L. If you need other materials we also can produce in specialty applications as your request.

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