Hoang Lam is a full range producer and fabricator of stainless steel tanks, vessels, and many other kinds of process equipment. Manufacturing to European quality requirements and following ASME & industry specific standards, we also use ASTM standards of excellence and testing as a minimum for every project. Our mission is to bring the best stainless steel fabrication to your next project by being the most trusted and reliable fabricator. We seek to deliver on this through professionalism, innovation, teamwork, and by being fair and customer focused. Ultimately delivering quality in everything we do, whether it be one tank or a complete turnkey project, we have a solution.


Hoang Lam produces stainless steel tanks and more with ease thanks to our advanced and complete system. Our standard of stainless steel tanks are used by the world’s best, most hygienic, demanding, robust, quality orientated, and specialized industry partners. Our stainless steel tanks range across the entire spectrum of uses and types from small tanks like CIP with just 100 liter capacity, up to 500 cubic meter storage tanks that are used in massive production lines. Regardless of what you need your next stainless steel tanks or products for, Hoang Lam has the expertise, experience, and quality to get it done the right way, at the best prices, for any application in Vietnam or world wide.