Food & Dairy

Food and Dairy equipment requires the highest quality, meeting the strictest guidelines, with production certifications, to deliver safe products to you everyday of the year.



Mixing & Blending Tanks

Fluid Beds

UHT Systems

Cooking Tanks

CIP Station & Skids


Spray Dryer

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Pasteurizers & Homogenizers

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Pressure Vessels


Food and Dairy equipment for safer, cleaner, and hygienic production

Hoang Lam food and dairy stainless steel tanks are used around the world in big and small applications to ensure the highest quality products make it to your home each and every day. Everything we produce is made to European standards of excellence in terms of quality components, safety, and certifications. These advantages allow you to produce better products longer, and with confidence.

Hoang Lam is the leader in this region because not only do we use the highest quality materials and construction techniques, but also due to our internal standards to provide the best products we can. With our extensive facilities, great staff, large range of products, experience, and customer portfolio you can rest easy knowing that our equipment is tried and tested in more applications than most.

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