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A spray dryer removes moisture for powder handling applications to help produce high quality ingredients and products.



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Spray Dryer Systems made with European Ingenuity

Hoang Lam is proud to offer solutions for stainless steel spray dryer process plant equipment for nearly all applications. Made using high quality European materials and offering full design capabilities we have the ability to fabricate any size and quantity needs. Our systems offer standard nozzle atomization, with hassle free operations, long life, and many other options.

Utilizing natural gas, thermal oil, fired oil, and steam our spray dryer systems can tackle even the toughest of jobs with high efficiency thanks to our cyclone design, scrubber systems, and bag filters. Plus with optional CIP functionability we offer tailored solutions for each customer. Our designs also incorporate variations of Co-Current, Counter Current, Mixed Flow, and Plug Flow types to help maximize the options for different material characteristics.

We also offer fluid beds in a full range of sizes to complement our spray dryer components and meet the demands of any performance requirements for scaling operations to continuous static, and combined formats. Capable of drying, blending, agglomerating, classifying, roasting, cooling, or chilling we can handle multiple functions within the same device. Thanks to our flexibility in this field we produce vibrating, continuous, and other designs to customer requests.

Finally, our stainless steel evaporators help produce economic feed solutions as part of the process to complete the spray dryer systems, but can also be used as standalone machines. Producing falling film and other types we offer many variations based on running time, utility costs, and other factors.

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