Even the best quality stainless steel materials need to be cared for, and whether it be regular, scheduled, or unplanned repairs we have you covered at Hoang Lam. Not only do we offer repair and maintenance service on our equipment, we can also handle other equipment that wasn’t made by us.

We aim to be the best and only stainless steel partner you need by providing a one stop solution to all your needs. Be it for your tanks, piping system, or another section of your processing and production line. Hoang Lam is focused on delivery quality maintenance options for one job, or years of regular cycle upkeep.

Great for you

Our maintenance teams know how to keep your equipment at its best. When we handle regularly scheduled or emergency repairs we thoroughly inspect your equipment from top to bottom. This not only ensures that your needs are met, but that we also find any problematic areas and potential issues that could also need a little extra love. We know that every second you are not running as scheduled can cost a company a lot of money, so our goal is to ensure that you never have to deal with that problem in the first place by providing you with the best service and customer care at every turn.