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Air filters help to maximize system efficiency and serve a number of purposes to ensure top quality production.


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stainless steel ducting and air filters

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Hoang Lam produces stainless steel air filter systems and ducting for many industry types. Thanks to our experience in this field we are called on to ship our components to other countries on a regular basis to help customers save on costs while at the same time ensuing quality. We are happy to have supplied systems and components for both engineering firms and end users with very positive results.

While many HVAC applications now require stainless steel air filters and ducting components worldwide, it is also a preferable option for many others due to its long life span, heating and cooling properties, and appearance. These advantages are quickly gaining momentum and due to the growing number of hygienic applications that require high quality, traceable, and certified equipment. We are happy to offer a number of air filter and ducting options to help you on your next project, just let us know the requirements.

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