Hoang Lam’s onsite build team is another extension of our factory building process that allows us to take on the biggest projects with ease. Our Apave qualified welders are ready for just about anything we give them and thanks to our constantly evolving project experience. In addition, our team of engineers and supervisors have the experience, leadership, and practical knowledge of how to complete every project on time and on budget.

However, this is only one way we separate ourselves from the competition at Hoang Lam. The real advantages also extend to calibrating equipment, full installation needs, and even discovering new potential problems that you might not have anticipated in the design process. Bottom line, we can handle nearly anything the jobsite throws at us and you can trust in our strong experience in stainless steel fabrication.

Maximize Resources

Whether its just too big or you have a limited budget, we can help you get the most out of your purchase by finding the right option for your needs with our onsite build team. We produce tanks in a number of way to allow for minimized shipping costs, or for the biggest tanks. These methods ensure that both your costs and capacity are a priority while our extremely qualified installation team helps to your equipment’s completion with onsite build to your specifications. Thanks to our ISO & OHSAS systems, and QHSE Policy we are confident that no matter what you want to accomplish, we can handle it for you.