Jacket Tanks

Stainless steel dimple jacket tanks help efficiently heat and cool products to suit the needs of many different industries. Hoang Lam produces them in standard and made to order custom sizes and thicknesses.


Mixing and Blending




Jacket tanks offer high efficiency heating and cooling 

Hoang Lam’s stainless steel jacket tanks and pressure vessels are high quality stainless steel made to European standards every time. From top to bottom we utilize top craftsmanship in both hands-on work and in our semi automated production process which ensures your project is made to last. We incorporate a full in-house production process using dimple type which gives you a better and more energy efficient vessel compared to half pipe jackets. In addition, all our jacket tanks are also put through the same great process that makes us the #1 provider for stainless steel fabrication including passivization, quality control, testing, and final inspections.

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