The best products start with the best materials.

stainless steel fabrication works:

Hoang Lam is specialized in stainless steel fabrication works with European standards.

Hoang Lam was established in 2000, is all about quality, building stainless steel tanks, process equipment, and complete systems to European standards of excellence by incorporating both ASME and ASTM standards for production and testing. Thanks to these standards we employ a world class workforce that is highly trained and prepared to handle all your projects.

Our service is especially valued by highly hygienic industries such as food & dairy, brewery – beverage & wine, chemical – cosmetic, pharmaceutical, paint industries and many more.

As a leading stainless steel fabricator for multinational companies we adhere to the strict standards maintained in our ISO and OHSAS manuals, but we can also produce to even more specific requirements as needed for some industries, and we are always looking to improve upon on process to pass advantages to our customers.

In addition to our stainless steel tanks, we also handle everything from design, piping and other components, through to installation and commissioning of all equipment types.

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Hoang Lam is able to provide complete solutions for any requirement of stainless steel fabrication. However, our focus and specialty is tanks, and so that is why we go through each design carefully. Regardless of who designs it, we double and triple check the entire build will meet your needs at different points along the way.

Also because we offer customers direct access to our technical department, we simplify the process and speed up the solution process. In addition, we can supply detailed designs and CAD drawing services for any size project with experienced and skilled design engineers in 2D & 3D modeling.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Hoang Lam knows stainless steel. As such, we only use high quality raw materials from European and global suppliers such as Outokumpu and Acerinox. Typical jobs use 304, 304L, 316, 316L, and Nuplex, but we also have the ability to commit to other jobs that use other grades as needed.  With some of the highest quality standards in the industry we are trusted by our customers around the world to produce equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, brewery, cosmetic, paint, and other industries. Our experience working with the world’s biggest brands gives us a thorough understanding of production for even the most detailed designs and hardest projects.


We offer advanced installation techniques that are sure to make every stainless steel job run smoothly. Thanks to our 6G certified welders, quality control management, and Health and Safety officials we guarantee smooth completion of projects by working hand in hand with our clients, engineering firms, and 3rd party contractors to deliver on our quality promises. Be it a piping system or onsite build completion for a massive tank, silo, or other equipment fabrication we are able to do it right the first time. Our goal is to maximize the onsite time by completing the installation job correctly so that you can rest easy for years to come.

We offer a wide variety of installation options, but also have the ability to do onsite construction for projects that won’t fit onto any known truck and trailer. Contact us with your next installation project and find out why Hoang Lam is #1.

Solution Consulting

All good things have a beginning and an end, and keeping all pieces in the middle of that in order should be simple. That’s why Hoang Lam offers solution consulting in some specific industry segments that we specialize in, including Tea Extraction, Chemical Mixing, and CIP. Our skilled team has built some impressive solutions over the years and this segment of our business is a key component to our ability, and testifies to our experience.

We have the ingenuity and design experience to put complete lines together in these specific areas to help you minimize cost, downtime, and confusion. At the same time, helping you to ensure that the project goes smoothly and is ready for operation according to your requirements. Our experience in these areas working with multinational companies can give you confidence in knowing that our designs work under tough conditions and operate without issue.


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