Hoang Lam’s core business is stainless steel fabrication. We build a wide variety of stainless steel items by fabricating materials in our world class workshop. In 2000 we started out by producing tanks in a few specific types, and as time went on we increased our capabilities and proficiency to now create nearly any tank you can imagine. Ranging from fabrication of the smallest tanks to the largest, we offer more features, higher quality, and more capacity to satisfy your needs.

Moreover, we also understand how important each and every piece of equipment is for your job, so we are also constantly improving our methods, efficiency, and workforce to ensure the Hoang Lam name stays your 1st choice in stainless steel fabrication.

However, we don’t just make tanks. Our production of stainless steel fabrication ranges to many other types of products that work along side, and to compliment any job. Hoppers, ducting, filter housings, spray dryers, fluid beds, tubs, piping, valve clusters, tote bins, vessels, and some process equipment lines are part of the regular workload in our factory.

Among these types of items we also do other custom components, and fulfill a wide variety of client requests that allow us to offer a full service offering to our customers no matter what they need.

Contact us today to find out more and see why so many customers trust Hoang Lam for their stainless steel fabrication.